Some of the Old Spark

When I went to bed last night, Rascal was lying on the foot of the bed. He laid there for a couple of hours. Eventually, he left the bed and spent the rest of the night in the pet carrier. I got up once and he seemed fine. This morning, after I woke up and before I got out of bed, I heard something fall in the bathroom. When I checked, I saw that Rascal was trying to lick the food out of a baby food jar. I had given him a jar before we went to bed. During the night, he had eaten it all and he was looking for some more. So, I went and got him another jar. This is going to be expensive at $0.80 a jar. At least he’s eating. He didn’t eat any more of the Science Diet K/D food. I guess he decided as long as he can get expensive baby food, why mess with the other stuff! 🙂

So far, so good.

I got home around 6 PM this evening. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some baby food (lamb) and some Pedialyte. The vet said that these might make him feel a little better. At this point, anything we can get him to eat and drink is good. The lamb will digest easier than some other foods and the Pedialyte will help replace some nutrients and chemicals he’s lost. He’s very anemic.

He was in his cat carrier when I got home. He didn’t greet me at the door, but when I came into the room where he was, he scurried out of his carrier. I went into the bathroom with him and shut the door. I opened up a jar of lamb and he started going to town on it. He really likes it. While I was observing him, he also used the litter box.

After he ate, I brought him into the living room with me so we could watch TV. I laid him down on an afghan that a friend of mine made for me. He was content sitting there as I stroked him. He must be sick because he never used to let me do that.

I got up to do some things and he stayed on the sofa. I got out the other half of can of Science Diet K/D cat food. I went up to him and ran it under his nose. I then walked into the bathroom where I’ve been feeding him. He immediately jumped down from the sofa and scurried in after me.

I’m at least encouraged now that he still does have some good days ahead of him. I just pray that I’ll have the strength to not fall apart. As I write this, I’m starting to cry. Just when I thought all the tears were gone, they come back.

One day at a time

I picked Rascal up from the vet today. I was both looking forward to it and dreading it. Rascal seemed to feel a little better. The prognosis is still not good, but I’m encouraged a little that he was somewhat active. The vet Dr. H. R. Gough, gave him a shot of vitamin B-12. Rascal didn’t like that at all and he hissed at him. That was actually a really welcome sound to me. There still some life left in him.

I brought him home, but I had to leave for work soon afterward. I got him all set with his special cat food. He drank some water and ate some of the food. He actually jumped on top of the vanity. I have some hope that he’ll have some good days yet. I can’t wait to get home tonight and spend some time with him.

Pandora, I believe, has mixed feelings about having him back, but I think she missed him.

My cat is dying.

12/11/2006 9:30 PM

This has been a very hard day. I have two cats: Pandora (11) and Rascal (almost 10). Rascal has lost about 4 pounds in the last 2 months. I finally took him to the vet. He had blood tests done today. It’s Kidney Disease. The doctor says he has only about a month more to live. I’ve been dealing with this news all evening and I’ve cried several times. I’ve called several friends and family for support. I feel somewhat foolish since I’ve been so emotional. Many people would say, “What’s the fuss? It’s only a cat.” What some people don’t understand is that my cats are my family. They are as important to me as my flesh and blood. The people I called are very supportive and understanding however.

I love Pandora and Rascal differently, but equally. They each bring something unique to my life. I’m really going to miss Rascal (or as I call him, Meanie). I took him in for blood tests today. I will be picking him up from the vet tomorrow morning. Right now, I’m very sleepy. I didn’t get much sleep last night because I was so concerned about him.

New Direction

I’ve decided to go in a slightly new direction with this blog. For years now, I’ve done computer consulting work for individuals, organizations and businesses on the side. I’ve now decided to be more intentional about it.

During the weekdays, I’m going to try to post a new, small article every day about some sort of technology item or issue. Please feel free to respond and to suggest new topics.

You might also want to check out my consulting website at and my technology forum at Thanks for stopping by.

Leo Laporte back on TV in the USA.

Several weeks ago, G4 TV started airing episodes of the Canadian version of Leo Laporte’s old Tech TV show Call For Help. It’s quite good. It’s not exactly like the old show, but it has it’s own charms and it’s DEFINITELY good to see Leo back on TV. I love the tech talk, but I mostly miss Leo. He’s kind of like an old friend.

Leo can also be heard on his (and other former Screen Savers) weekly podcast This Week In Tech. You can find out all about it at

Revenge of the Screen Savers

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into something WONDERFUL on the web… It’s the gang from the TV show “The Screen Savers” (from the former TechTV. They get together every Sunday via various audio means and just discuss tech stuff for around an hour. It’s wonderful.

I was devastated when TechTV ousted Leo Laporte from his shows, “The Screen Savers” and “Call for Help”. Well, the gang is back. While it’s not quite as good as the TV show in some regards, it’s better in others. At least here, they can do whatever the h**l they want and they don’t have any corporate nincompoops telling them what to do!

If you remember “The Screen Savers” or you’re just curious now, please check them out.

I’m here!

My name is Mike aka Monad or the AtomicDwarf. I’m not really a dwarf, but I thought of the names Monad and AtomicDwarf over 20 years ago when I was regularly playing Dungeons & Dragons. I had a dwarven fighter character who I named Monad. Like me, he was typical of his people. While most dwarves were interested in mines, gold and other treasure, Monad was interested in things like magic and space travel. He was a dwarf ahead og his time!

Antway, I figured I’d try this blogging thing to get some of my ideas and opinions recorded. Anyway, I’m glad you decided to join me. I don’t know where we’re going, but I hope we have fun getting there!