Please breathe responsibly!

If any of you have a friend, relative or other loved one who insists on smoking while they are hooked up to oxygen, please pay attention to this.

I found out today that a relative of mine lost her house and her husband a couple of days ago in a fire. Her husband had emphysema and was smoking while he was hooked up to oxygen. He caught on fire, the house caught on fire and he died ultimately from burns. My cousin has lost everything in one horrible instant.

If you know anyone who does this, please do whatever you can to stop them, even if it means telling them you won’t be in their presence while they do it! This is serious, folks!

Transitioning Again

I’m a computer person from way back (1981 or so). I’ve done a lot of tech jobs in that time including help desk, desktop support, teaching and programming. My most current gig was as a contract developer (programmer) for a consulting company (Bucher + Christian), here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I worked at the Lilly Corporate Center for 18 months. Normally, Lilly limits contractors to a maximum of 18 months, however a woman from the Lilly Technology Center saw what I had done for a counterpart of hers at LCC, so she lobbied to have my contract extended for 3 months so I could do the same for her.

That contract ended last Tuesday (11/24). The consulting firm doesn’t have anything for me at the moment, so I am currently “between assignments”. I’ve been between jobs before and I know that I’ll be OK. I’ll be eligible for unemployment benefits and I’ve been able to save quite a bit of money over the last 21 months. I think I’ll be fine for up to a year, if necessary.

However, it’s going to be a challenge. From past experience, I know that the worst part is going to be to keep myself motivated and productive. It’s very easy to get depressed. I need to guard against that.

Right now, I’m at a branch library doing some work (updating resumes, filing unemployment, etc.). I’ve found that if I don’t get out of the apartment, I start feeling bad. This definitely helps. I’ll keep posting here for my own sanity.