Still enough energy to cause havok…

Rascal got me out of bed this morning by knocking almost everything off my dresser. After I put everything back, I got ready for work. Before I left, I gave him some different kind of Fancy Feast. It’s called Elegant Medley’s – White Meat Chicken and Whipped Egg Soufflé with Garden Greens. To my delight, he actually ate it. He had eaten quite a bit of it by the time I left. I hope that it’s all gone when I get home.

Today, I called another vet I know. He specializes in cats. I left him a message and he hasn’t called me back yet.

Emotional rollercoaster

This situation is getting to me. I certainly don’t want Rascal to leave me, but there will be a little relief for me. Each day, my emotions run from hope and optimism to sadness and despair.

For the last few days, Rascal has not been eating much. About all I could get him to eat was the gravy out of the Fancy Feast I gave him. He’d take a little peace of the meat, suck off the gravy and spit the meat back in the bowl. I’ve been very discouraged. Tonight, when I got home, I tried giving him some of the lamb baby food. He ate some of it.

Everytime I leave the apartment, I dread coming back because of what I might find. I know that someday, I’m going to find his lifeless body. I don’t want to, but I know it will happen. When I come back and I see he’s still around, I am relieved… that is until the next time I leave.

I’m getting tired.

Missing him already

Rascal’s basically doing OK, but I’m concerned that he isn’t eating enough. I only rarely see him eat. He’s drinking and using the litter box OK. I miss him because he’s not acting like himself. He will sit in one place for hours at a time. He doesn’t lie down much.

I’d give almost anything for him to bother me when I’m on the computer. He sit with me and let me pet him for several minutes. He didn’t used to let me do that. I’m going to try to enjoy him as much as I can and make him as comfortable as possible. We’ll just see how it goes.

One day at a time

Rascal was waiting for me at the door again tonight. I’m a little concerned though. I set out some baby food and dry cat food for him this morning. It doesn’t look like he’s eaten any of it. I didn’t lock him in the bedroom, so it could be that he’s eating Pandora’s food. I’m giving her the same dry cat food I am him. I’ll just have to keep an eye on him.

He seems to be fairly energetic. He’s even been swatting at my belt when I put it on in the morning. This week has felt fairly normal to me. Last week was anything but normal. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

He’s back!

I rarely call Rascal by his name. I call him “Meanie”. There’s a reason for that. Usually, when any mess is made or when anything has been broken, he’s the culprit. Also, when I used to pet him, he always wanted to play, and he wanted to play rough. Playfully biting and scratching was just part of his “charm”.

Since he’s been sick, he’s been a good cat. Well, he must be getting better, because that is ending! Yesterday, when I came home, I found that someone had peed on the rug that I keep in my half bath! This is what he used to do.

Normally, I would be mad at him, but I’m glad he feels good enough to do that. I think I’m in trouble now. I’m glad to have him back for however long it lasts. 🙂

Best day so far

Rascal did walk on me this morning. He greeted me at the door tonight. He’s been in the cat carrier very little today (at least while I’ve been home). He’s been eating and drinking. While we were watching TV tonight, I was petting. He (playfully) tried to bite me! 🙂 I’m pretty happy now. He seems to be feeling pretty good. We’ll just see how everything goes. 🙂

Still doing well

Rascal disn’t walk all over me this morning, but he seems to be doing OK. He seemed to have as much energy as he has the last couple of days. He ate, drank and used the litter box.

I got the invoice from the doctor in the mail. Rascal’s normal weight, when I took him before was 14 pounds. His weight the last time I took him was only 9 pounds! That’s a 35% weight loss! Rascal doesn’t seem to be quite as bony as he was last week, but that might be wishful thinking on my part. I should really get a scale and weigh him. Perhaps I’ll see if they have something at the pet store.

A good weekend

Rascal has had a pretty good weekend. My friends, Judy and Tony came over on Friday night. Rascal was pretty alert and somewhat active. Judy brought Rascal several jars of lamb baby food. I gave him some while they were here. He ate a little of it then. The rest, he finished overnight.

Saturday was pretty good for him. He ate, drank, used the litter box and slept. He also was up and around. On Saturday night, while I was working on my computer, he jumped up on my desk. He hadn’t done that since he’s been home. It’s funny, but it’s those little things that tell me how he’s feeling and that I miss when he’s not doing them.

He spent most of the night in the cat carrier. This morning, he jumped up on the bed and walked on me when it was time for me to get up. Today, he’s been outside of the carrier most of the time. He’s jumped up on the desk a couple of times. My nephew and I went out for dinner. When I came home, Rascal was on the sofa, waiting for me. That’s the first time he’s been in the living room when I’ve come home, since he’s been home.

I sat down and we watched TV together. A couple of times, when I was petting him, he playfully bit me! That made me feel really good. He’s in the office with me now. He followed me in here. He may not get well, but I’m confident that he has some more good days left in him. I want us both to enjoy them.

All in all, I’m very happy today. He seems to feel much better.

Holding his own

I was out of the Gerber baby food when I went home. Of course, Rascal wouldn’t have anything to do with the Del Monte stuff. I went to the grocery stor to get some more Gerber. I also got some Purina One for Sensitive Systems dry cat food. When I came back, I gave him some of the Gerber lamb and some of the dry food. Surprisingly, he ate some of each.

I was a little disheartened last night because Rascal spent to whole night in the cat carrier. I thought he was just going to stay there. However, when I started getting ready for work, he exited the carrier, stretched and went to the food bowl. He actually ate a little more of the dry food. He also drank some water before I left. We’ll just have to take it as it come.

My good friend Judy is hoping that he’ll somehow make it through this. The vet isn’t optimistic, but I really hope Judy’s right, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. She’s going to come over tonight and bring dinner. That will be good.

Getting back to normal

Rascal is still doing OK. He’s eating. Although, he won’t eat the less expensive Del Monte baby food. He likes the more expensive Gerber brand! He’s a cat. It’s his job to complicate my life as much as possible. 🙂

He was doing OK this morning. He has eaten. He drank some and he used the litter box. He even jumped up on the bed this morning and walked on me when it was time for me to get up.