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Health update

Since my last post, the arthritis in my right hip has gotten much worse. I’m definitely in some pain every time I move and much of the time when I’m not. I have scheduled hip replacement surgery for March 7.

While I never thought I’d look forward to surgery, I am looking forward to this. Everyone I’ve talked to about this says that it will be like a new lease on life. I’m excited about the prospect of moving pain-free and regaining some of the movement I’ve lost in my leg.

March can’t get here soon enough for me now.

Please breathe responsibly!

If any of you have a friend, relative or other loved one who insists on smoking while they are hooked up to oxygen, please pay attention to this.

I found out today that a relative of mine lost her house and her husband a couple of days ago in a fire. Her husband had emphysema and was smoking while he was hooked up to oxygen. He caught on fire, the house caught on fire and he died ultimately from burns. My cousin has lost everything in one horrible instant.

If you know anyone who does this, please do whatever you can to stop them, even if it means telling them you won’t be in their presence while they do it! This is serious, folks!